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Monday, July 22, 2013

Blackberry Muffins

The property that our family business is located on was at one time part of a small family farm.  For as the property has been in our family, there have been ancient blackberry plants growing along the south fence of the property, and each year about this time they produce a fair amount of luscious, sweet blackberries.  Some of the plants grow along a chain link fence and some along a cinderblock fence.  Of course the plants that can grow up along the chain link fence produce the best berries.

When DH and I bought our house, I was able to transplant a few of these berry plants into our own back yard.  They haven't produced quite as well as the plants at the business property, but we do get some luscious berries every year.  This past weekend I was able to pick a quart or so of sweet juicy ripe blackberries and bake them into some oatmeal blackberry muffins.  Yummsome!  Sometime I will be even more diligent and perhaps bake a Blackberry Pie or Blackberry Cobbler! 

What are your favorite berries?

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