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Friday, January 11, 2013


Snowy days like today make me very happy to have my slippers, and since the college where I work is closed due to the weather, I can wear my slippers as I putter around the house enjoying my unexpected day off from work.  I believe that it was DD3 who gifted me this particular pair of slippers for Christmas several years ago, and even though they are getting a bit worn and shabby, they are still the most comfortable slippers I have every owned.  They have a nice durable rubber sole and a quilted water-resistant upper, with just enough padding and fur lining to make them very comfortable.   I actually thought about trying to find similar slippers to give to everyone in the family for Christmas, but decided to give more individual gifts instead.  Last time I gave slippers for Christmas gifts they were from the drug store.  They were warm and fuzzy, but not nearly as durable nor as comfortable as my wonderful slippers. 

Maybe next year?

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