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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Classical Music Stations

My car isn't the newest model on the block, and thus I am fairly limited to the music I can listen to while performing my Mom's Taxi duties.  I don't own an ipod and the car has no fancy radio stations.  It doesn't even have a CD player.  It does have a cassette player, but I don't have much music on cassette tapes. (Our cassettes are mostly old Joy School  and Primary Songs and kids books on tape).  I wouldn't have room in the car to store many music cassettes even if I did have them.  So, if I want to listen to something in the car, I must resort to the radio. 

When I had my choice, (I have often been at the mercy of my dear children's radio preferrences . . . not totally since I could have put my foot down . . . but then it was usually needed to operate the gas and brake pedals, but I digress)  I used to listen to our local news station almost exclusively, but it finally got to the point that I could not handle listening to the news all of the time, so there are times when I go for weeks without listening to the news.  At all. 

During the Christmas season I am blessed that many radio stations play Christmas music continually, which I usually love.  (there are a few songs that I will turn off after hearing them for the umpteenth time . . .)  But now Christmas is over, and there isn't even a decent oldies music station around any longer.    I sometimes am in the mood for country, but prefer the older type country music to most of what is played today.  So, most of the time my choice of music in the car is classical. I especially enjoy classical piano and other string performances.  The other night as I was driving in the cold and dark I was especially pleased to listen to renditions from Brahms Lullaby and Peter and the Wolf!  How wonderful is that!

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