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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Feeding the Missionaries

On Sunday we had the privilege of preparing dinner for the full time missionaries who are assigned to our ward.  At one time several years ago we invited them over regularly about every six weeks, shortly after there were transfers or changes.  DH was then the High Council Member over missionary work, and liked to meet the new Elders as soon as possible.  Since then DH has started working evenings and his High Council responsibilities were changed, so we haven't fed the missionaries in quite a while. 

Yes, it is usually a bit of work getting ready for the missionaries to come to dinner, just as it is for any company.  Theoretically, it should not be any extra work, but of course I do want the house to be somewhat presentable, the piles of stuff on dining room table need to be cleared off and put away, and I usually want to serve more than the Campbell’s tomato soup and grilled cheese that we had for dinner last night.  So Saturday evening after a morning trip to DD4's Art Portfolio review an hour away and an afternoon of shoveling snow  (I'm grateful for snow shovels!), I reluctantly tucked away most of Christmas.  I've been doing a bit at a time, but now the Christmas tree is stored in the garage and most of the decorations are now in their tubs down in the basement.  We did leave out the Christmas Village and a few various snowmen that will be tucked into the cedar chest before Valentine’s Day. 

Anyway, finally Sunday evening we were able to sit down to dinner with the two Elders who had walked to our home in the below freezing temperatures and the darkening skies.   We fed them chicken, potatoes, veggies, salad, rolls and chocolate chip cookies and milk.  They were very appreciative.  We also talked about our stake, the missionary work here and the baptisms they have coming up this week. We also talked a bit about DH and my own missionary experiences before sending them back out into the cold and dark to get to their evening appointment.  It was good.  It was worth the effort.  We like feeding the missionaries. 

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