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Monday, January 7, 2013

Putting Away Christmas Party

Recently Undecorated Christmas Tree

I know that most people have Christmas all cleaned up and put away by now, but then, I'm not most people.  One or two years I have managed to take down the tree on New Year's Day, or possibly some day in the week beforehand, but I normally wait until after New Year's and then gradually put things away.  After all, I rarely get everything put up in one or two days either.  One year when I had a house full of little children, the tree stayed up until almost April.  When my landlady stopped in for an unannounced visit, I was finally shamed into getting it all put away.

This year I started putting a few things away right after New Years, but this past Saturday was the designated day for taking down the tree.  I spent the morning on the computer and the afternoon running a few errands, then after bringing home some Wendy's hamburgers for a late lunch/supper, we pulled out the soda and cheese and crackers and leftover spinach dip, put Anne of Green Gables into the DVD player, and had a Putting Away Christmas Party.  I did get all of the ornaments and garlands put away, but unfortunately I was either more tired than I had realized or the movie was more entertaining than I remembered, and the empty tree is still standing in the living room.  Tonight's job is to get the tree down and put away, and all of the Nativity sets too!  Thank goodness we still have crackers and dip!

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