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Monday, January 5, 2015

Try a Little Harder

Back on January 1st of 2014 I listed a few of the things I wanted to work towards during the year and posted them on my blog Creation and Compassion:

Temple – Attend more often, weekly if possible
Quilting – Finish the quilts I have started
Promptness -- Get to work and church meetings early and on time
Order – Sort, organize, and dispose of our stuff and clutter
Save and Prepare -- Money and food storage
Service and Love -- Work, church, community, parents, and family
Scriptures and Prayers – Keep on keeping on
Family – Support them in being successful and healthy and happy
Writing - Finish the draft of my book

So, how did I do?  Well, I didn't set up a very good system for tracking myself, and I really didn't do much reflecting on New Year's Eve or New Year's day . . . but . . . here are some of the ways I want to try a little harder to be a little more creative and a little more compassionate:

Temple - I think I was able to attend at least once a month.  I may have missed a month or two, but some months I was able to attend more than once.  Working full time has put a bit of a damper on this activity, but this year I will try a little harder.  My goal is to find a nice little book to keep track of my temple attendance and combine all of my notes from past journals and notebooks where I have written down names that I have performed ordinances for.  I know it will be incomplete, but it will be somewhat of a record.   I also plan to spend time organizing some of the many years of family history research notes of my dear mother, and hopefully finding some names to submit for temple work to be done.

Quilting - I don't think I sewed on a quilt once all year.  I did save a lot of photos of quilts for inspiration though!  This year?  Perhaps.  We will see.

Promptness - This is still a tough one for me.  I do pretty good for a while, and then I keep falling back on it.  I will try a little harder to be on time every single day!

Order - This is another tough one made harder by working full time and trying to take a class or two.  I need to put Flylady and her missions and habits a bit higher on my list of priorities.  This month's habit is to shine your sink every night and this week's missions are all in Zone 2, the kitchen.  De-cluttering for 15 minutes a day all year should really help make a difference!

Save and Prepare - Another hard one since any raises always seem to be eaten up by increases in health care or car payments or other expenses.  And our budget is pretty much bare bones.  We will do a little better at saving a little bit each pay check and adding a bit more to the pantry each week.

Service and Love - I was able to find the time to visit with a neighbor or two and help with some packing and cleaning projects.  This coming year I especially want to spend more time with my dear parents and my dear Mother in Law.  I will try to do a little better than we have done in the past.

Scriptures and Prayers - keep on keeping on.  Daily prayer several times a day is pretty much a given. I rely on it every single day.  Daily scriptures often yes, sometimes no.  I will keep trying to do a little better.

Family - I'm very proud of my family, especially my children.  They have each been able to accomplish good things this past year.  Hopefully I am being a support and help to them in some small way.  I love and appreciate and admire each of them so much, and will continue to think of them and pray for each of them every single day.

Writing - I did join a local little writing group this year and have earnestly begun a new draft of my book which I share with the others in my group as I go.  I will try a little harder to write a little more and make a sensible, readable manuscript this year.

Gratitude -  I count 73 gratitude posts that I have posted on this blog this past year.  I can do better I know.  I can also do better at sending notes and letters and words of gratitude to the many friends and loved ones who always do so much for me and for my family.  I am blessed.

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