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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Walk Tall

It seems that lately what has brought me the most joy has been uplifting music.  Today I was able to attend my fourth Primary Sacrament Meeting program of the year, and once again was fed and uplifted by the beautiful music provided by the primary children.  These particular children were very diverse in their backgrounds and ages, but they all sang out loud and clear and beautifully.  Of course each ward program is just a bit different, and this particular ward had prepared the girls from their senior primary to sing a traditional LDS Young Women's camp song that I haven't heard for a few years.  It was very appropriate to the program, beautifully and willingly sung by these young girls who are full of faith and hope.   I thought I'd share this Utube video of the song, which is nice, but not nearly as beautiful as the singing that I heard earlier today.  

In my search for the video tonight, I also found that there is also a book by this same name, written by Jamie Glenn, who wrote the song.  I've put it on hold at the library so I can read it too!

And, just because I usually need to visually see the words in order to really understand what I am hearing, here are the lyrics as found at lds.org 

Walk Tall, You're a Daughter of God (camp song)

1. Right now I have a prayer deep with in my heart.
A prayer for each of you there is a special part.
That you remember who you are and Him who lives above.
Please seek for Him and live His way;
You’ll feel His love.
Walk tall, you’re a daughter, a child of God.
Be strong please remember who you are.
Try to understand,
You’re part of His great plan.
He’s closer than you know
Reach up, he’ll take your hand.
 2. Long before the time you can remember,
Our Father held you in His arms so tender,
Those loving arms released you as He sent you down to earth.
He said, “My child, I love you.  Don’t forget your great worth”
 3. This life on earth we knew would not be easy.
At times we lose our way
His path we may not see.
But please remember always- please-that you are not alone.
He’ll take your hand.
He loves you!
He will guide you home 

Text:  Jamie Glenn
Music:  Jamie Glenn

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