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Monday, August 11, 2014

31 Years With My Honey

Today is the 31st anniversary of the day DH and I were married.  In honor of the occasion I pulled out my old wedding album and scanned a few of my favorite photos which have never before been exposed to the world wide web.  This is us posing by a famous old olive tree next to the Salt Lake Temple, a very popular setting for wedding photos back in the day.  If I remember correctly, the tree was damaged by the famous Salt Lake Tornado a decade or so ago and is no longer there.  This is one of my favorites of our wedding photos.  

And here is a meme that has been floating around on facebook for the past few weeks.  It just fits perfectly in this post, because my DH is one of my greatest blessings, and I enjoy the gift of his love and service to me every single day. 

This is another of my favorite wedding day photos.  I loved my wedding bouquet, especially the orchids and the pink baby roses.  If I tried to save it, I no longer know where it is.  After  seven or so moves in the past 31 years and six children, mementos  like the bouquet just didn't make the cut.  Notice also the beautiful shiny wedding rings.   Of those we only have my wedding band remaining.  DH's wedding band is probably somewhere on a New Jersey baseball field, and my diamond is also somewhere in New Jersey.  We pulled off a fireplace mantle in search of it before one of our moves, but could not find it.  We've talked about getting replacement rings someday . . . .but . . . so far have made other gift choices instead.

Yes, we did have a finely decorated car to send us off properly on our honeymoon . . . but I don't think the decorations made it all the way.  Just say'n.  :)

And here are two of my favorite photos from the honeymoon to Yellowstone and Jackson Hole Wyoming.

Yup.  I love this guy!  He doesn't often chew bubble gum, but I still love traveling with him and will go with him just about anywhere he wants to take me.  Happy Anniversary  DH!


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