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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Grocery Shopping

 I'm grateful for a wonderfully patient husband who takes me shopping.  I have been without a car for several months.  It isn’t always fun, but I am becoming  accustomed to it.  I can walk to work and have several grocery and drug stores nearby, along with my favorite thrift store and a dollar store etc.  The weather has mostly been pleasant, and I don’t mind walking, but I just can’t carry everything that we need for a week in one trip.  So, even though DH truly does not like shopping, he has been kind enough to give up his time to drive me shopping every Saturday so we can stock up on the necessities for the week.  Hopefully our situation will not remain this way for too much longer, but for now, I’m very grateful for his help and sacrifice.  I’m also grateful for the wide array of food and other products that are so readily available to us in this country!

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