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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Family, Fireworks, Faith, and Priesthood

It's been a good weekend filled with concerts in the park and fireworks to celebrate the birthday of our city.   DD4 and I started out at the first concert on Thursday night, (the symphony, one of my favorites) on Friday night we added DD1 and DD2 and some fireworks, then on Saturday we included DH, DS1 and his friend, and DD3, along with assorted friends and inlaws, a few munchies, visiting, dancing to the music and even more awsome fireworks.   My favorite kind of weekend, in spite of traffic and late night bedtimes.

Today was also good, sitting in church, soaking up the spirit and the testimonies after watching some very awesome young men bless and pass the sacrament.  One of the young men blessed the sacrament for his very first time, and did so clearly and carefully without a stumble.  He has some disabilities, but still did an awesome job, and it was so wonderful to see beaming and so proud of his accomplishment.  We have many wonderful, faithful youth in our ward, with strong testimonies.

I also loved the great testimonies that were borne, testifying that faith can grow and flourish, as long as we continue to nurture it.  One sister compared it to her new back lawn, planted with little tiny plugs of grass seedlings, being faithfully watered three times a day, now starting to grown and spread and hopefully to grow to a new, lush lawn.  Reading, praying, and living the commandments;  that's what grows our faith and brings us true happiness.

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