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Thursday, December 1, 2011

More Gratitude Catch-Up

December is now upon us; Thanksgiving has come and gone.  I've been negligent in my blog posting, but just FYI, here's the rest of my November Gratitude List:

Gratitude Day 20:  I'm grateful for clean water.

Gratitude Day 21:  I'm grateful for fruits and veggies!

Gratitude Day 22:  I'm grateful for bread, peanut butter and milk!

Gratitude Day 23:  I'm grateful for pie! What's your favorite pie?  (I ended up making Pumpkin, Rhubarb, French Silk Chocolate, and Chocolate Chip.  It is now all gone.)

Gratitude Day 24:  I'm grateful for a day dedicated to gratitude and spending time with loved ones.

Gratitude Day 25:  I'm grateful for leaves to rake to work off some of the extra pie.

Gratitude Day 26:  I'm grateful for the courage and example of others. They give me strenth and hope.

Gratitude Day 27:  I'm grateful for Christmas music!

Gratitude Day 28:  I'm grateful for a warm home and bed.

Gratitude Day 29:  I'm grateful for public education and dedicated educators.

Gratitude Day 30:  I'm grateful for our source of light: the sun and The Son.

One of my facebook friends asked if I planned to continue on with my daily gratitude posts.  The original plan of this blog was to regularly post about the good things in my life.  Some days I have to remind myself to look for the good things in life. :)  So, even though it is now December 1st:

Gratitude Day 31:I'm grateful for fresh air! (the cold wind our area is now experiencing is good for something)

What are you grateful for?

One of my favorite bloggers shared an extensive gratitude list over three posts last week.  You can read it here and here and here.

It is not happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy.

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