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Thursday, September 5, 2013


Several years ago we had the opportunity to buy several cases of different kinds of pasta for our food storage.  We still had young children at the time, so of course we bought several cases of macaroni & cheese, but we also bought some lasagna, rotelli, spagetti, macaroni and shells.  We bought quite a lot of pasta.  A bit later a family member offered us the chance to acquire even more cases of pasta.  Needless to say, we have had plenty of pasta in our food storage for years, and it keeps very well!

The macaroni and cheese is actually gone now, as is the rotelli, but we still have a nice variety of pasta.  Sometimes I will still buy fettuccini or acini de pepe or orzo or bow ties or frozen ravioli for some extra variety.  As you might be able to tell, we tend to have pasta of some form or another at least once a week.  At one point the children complained that they always knew that Tuesday night would be pasta night (usually spagetti), since I needed something quick to fix between dance class or soccer or academic team games and the Young Men or Young Women's Mutual activity.  After that I tried to mix it up a bit by having tacos or sloppy joes or some other quick fix on some Tuesday nights.  Lasagne or Pasta Primavera dinners happen less frequently since they take a bit more time and effort to prepare.  

A few of my children are not real big fans of pasta anymore . . . . they've probably had it a few times too many . . .  but DH and I still enjoy a nice pasta dinner on a regular basis. 

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