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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


This past weekend my dear SIL hosted another family potluck dinner.  The theme for this one was 1950's recipes.  DH has been talking about meatloaf for several weeks now, so I was plannning on making one sometime in the near future, but of course this was the perfect occasion.  I looked up several recipes online just to make sure we were being authentic, and chose the above recipe (see link) for my guide.   We whipped up a big tripple batch of meatloaf  (I did substitute a bit of ground oatmeal for some of the breadcrumbs and some purred tomatoes for the ketchup since that's more what my mother used to make) and a big batch of mashed potatoes and gravy and carried it all off to dear SIL's house.  Of course, as usual, there was way too much food for everyone to eat, so I sent one meatloaf home with my dear MIL and since then we have been enjoying lots of leftovers!   

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