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Sunday, September 29, 2013

I Am a Child of God

 Today I have had the pleasure of visiting and listening to two different Primary Sacrament Meeting programs where beautiful children have shared what they have learned in Sunday Primary throughout the past year with many wonderful songs, scriptures, and other talks.  The Primary theme for this year has been I Am a Child of God, perhaps one of the sweetest, most informative songs we can teach our children, or anyone else for that matter.  The words were written by Naomi Ward Randall back in 1957, and have been a source of comfort and strength to millions of children and adults since that time.  

I found it interesting that the message presented by President Thomas S. Monson  to women throughout the world at last nights General Relief Society Meeting was essentially the same: "My dear sisters, your Heavenly Father loves you, each of you.  That love never changes."  and  "Prayer is life's greatest blessing."  

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