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Friday, June 21, 2013

Nice Hair

My hair was black and curly when I was born.  Now it is a fairly common brown color, with a few streaks of gray. It has a bit of a natural wave, especially underneath along my neckline.  When I was younger I wished that my hair had stayed black, since my Mother has had beautiful soft, black curls almost her whole life.  I have always loved her hair.  Even now that she is in her 80's, you can still see the black amongst the gray.  But I've learned to appreciate my own brown locks.

When I was a young teenager, long straight hair was popular, and I was pretty much able to achieve this look, even without ironing my hair as some people were known to do, (we did not have Chi's or other flat irons back then) so that's pretty much how I wore it.  Later on the Farrah Faucett  poofy and curly hair came into vogue, so I would often curl my longer hair with electric rollers.  I never did have my hair layered back then, so didn't ever quite achieve the popular look.    

After my children were born I started wearing my hair shorter, just for convenience.  I have never wanted to spend much time working with my hair on a daily basis.  As long as I have a reasonably good hair cut and have washed, conditioned, and have brushed out my hair, I believe that I have some nice looking hair.  I have recieved compliments on it in the past.  DH prefers it a bit longer than shorter, but not too long. If it starts getting too long, the natural curl and wave tends to be harder to control.  I am probably due for another hair cut soon, but overall I'm pretty happy with my hair, and I even  wear the few gray ones with pride. 

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