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Monday, June 3, 2013

Library Books

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Some days I just need to veg with a book.  Today was one of those days, and after work I tucked myself in with one of my latest library books and proceeded to enjoy an evening of reading and dozing.  Last week I had started reding "My Loving Vigil Keeping" by Carla Kelly, but on Saturday we stopped by the local library and I picked up Gale Sears' latest book "Belonging to Heaven", a novel based on the true story of Elder George Q Cannon's work as a missionary to Hawaii starting in December of 1850.   So far it has been worth my time. 

I checked out my very first library books back when I was in 2nd Grade.  That year I was only allowed to check out 2 picture books each week, but my older brother would often  check out a chapter book for me like Misty of Chincoteague, or one of the Bobbsey Twins mysteries along with his own library book.  I have almost always had at least one library book near my bed ever since.  Right now my library allows me to check out 30 books at a time, and I often have that many checked out, sitting next to the bed, waiting for the whim.  Of course I don't get them all read, but I do have a nice variety to choose from.

So, excuse me, I think I'll head off back to bed and my library book.  G'nite!

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