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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I know that I recently posted about doctors.  I am grateful for good doctors and medical care for me and for my loved ones.  I try not to repeat myself too much, but this afternoon I received a letter from my OBGYN informing me that she will be retiring from her practice next month.  Sigh.  I am not particularly young any more.  I have borne six children, with five different doctors assisting in the deliveries.  We moved several times when our family was young, and one practice had several doctors who took turns being on call for deliveries.  They have all been good doctors, assisted by good and kind nurses (usually!?!) and other attendants.  I have had good experiences with birth and motherhood . . . (and have forgotten a lot of the pain and difficulty I am sure.) 

One of the things that I do not like is trying to find a new doctor.  I must say that I have been blessed throughout my adult years with good health, and rarely have had occasion to visit the doctor (and hope to continue in this tradition), but childbirth is the one exception.  I have always tried to keep up with regular checkups with my OBGYN, and I have always felt the need to have a good doctor available to me; one that I know and trust.  One who is familiar with me, and hopefully remembers me from visit to visit!

 Family and friends and neighbors have been good to refer me to doctors throughout the years and after various moves.  After DD4 was born (the last of our six children) I was able to continue seeing the doctor who delivered her only a few years before he retired.  It was not an easy process to find a new doctor that I felt comfortable with.  It took me several years of doctor hopping to find my current Doctor, and I have been comfortable and happy with her.   I thought that she was young enough that I wouldn't need to find a new OBGYN, at least for a few years.  I guess that I was wrong.  Sigh.  There are several other doctors in her practice, so I guess that next year I will make my appointment with one of them.    I haven't met either of these doctors.  I'm sure that they are good doctors.  Maybe I won't need to go doctor hopping again?

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