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Friday, May 31, 2013

Tomato Plants

My next door neighbor is famous for his home grown tomatoes.  He always plants plenty to give away to family, friends and neighbors, and in the fall is always advertising his free tomatoes.  His homemade tomato cages are famous too.  Made from metal wire fencing material and strong plastic ties covered in plastic, they stand about 5 feet tall and support his vigorous and healthy tomato plants all season long.

 Perhaps I haven't been a very cooperative neighbor, because I plant my own tomatoes, and they usually do very well, so I don't think I've ever taken him up on his offer of free home grown tomatoes.  Last Saturday my neighbor was outside preparing his tomato cages for the planting of his tomatoes, and mentioned that he had extra tomato plants and cages, and asked if I would like to use some.  I mentioned that I was already planning to buy my tomato plants this week, but he insisted that he really did have extras, and asked me if I would like them.  So of course I couldn't turn him down. 

Monday, of course was Memorial Day, and he was busy with his traditional family gathering, and Tuesday and Wednesday were rainy around these parts, but tonight as I came home from work Mr. Neighbor was out tending to his tomatoes, and again offered me his two remaining tomato plants of the Moscow variety.  He says that they are ugly, but huge and very tasty.  His favorite variety.   He showed me how to set up his last two tomato cages, and so I went out and planted his last two Moscow tomato plants in my garden, along with the two Celebrity plants, two Big Boy plants, and two cherry tomato plants that I had bought on Monday afternoon.  I still need to stake and cage the other tomatoes, but I think we're set for our coming tomato season.  Feel free to stop by for some tomatoes come August.  If we don't have any in our yard, Mr. Next Door Neighbor is sure to have some great ones!

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