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Friday, May 10, 2013

Lawn Mowers

Have I mentioned that I don't really mind mowing the lawn?  Especially this time of year, it's a nice hour or so of fresh air and exercise.  We've had a lawn service mow and fertilize our lawn for a year or so before (starting one year when I was pregnant and we didn't have a decent lawn mower) but generally the kids and I have taken care of the lawn on our own.  (DH suffers from allergies, and I learned from experience long ago to not let him mow the lawn or he would not be in very good shape the following day.) 

We have had quite a few different mowers over the years, and some interesting experiences with them, one of which involved the lawn mower ending up in the canal.  But we won't name any names or go into the details here, especially as the details always were a bit sketchy.  Anyway, I'm grateful to have had power lawn mowers all of these years. 

All of our lawns have been fairly large, and I can't imagine having to mow them with a human powered mower, or with a scythe or machete or some such tool.  I suppose we could always go the really old fashioned route of having the horses or cows or sheep mow the lawn for us, but then we aren't exactly zoned for that in our neighborhood.  And I don't think I'd appreciate the hoof prints and the unevenly distributed natural fertilizer that would come with that method of lawn mowing. 

So yes, I do like the lawn mower.

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