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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Strawberry Patch and Peach Tree

This week I have had the pleasure of spending several evenings working in the back yard.  The week started out rather cool, but I know that day light savings time will be ending soon (finally it will be lighter in the mornings!) so I have forced myself to get out and try to get the gardens cleaned up a bit while I still have daylight hours after work.  The vegetable garden really needs some work, both cleaning out the frozen tomatoes, squash and cucumber plants, and some major weeding also needs to be done.  However, this week I have felt more inclined to work on enlarging the strawberry patch.  There was a very small patch of strawberries near the back door when we first moved to this home, and over the years I have moved and expanded the patch a bit at a time.  The past few years it has been rather neglected, and is currently majorly overgrown with grass and overly crowded with strawberry plants.  Needless to say, they have not been producing very well.

Last Friday the husband of one of my friends brought me a peach tree.   The tree had been growing in their back yard, but they have several other fruit trees and had other plans for the spot that this little tree had been growing in.  My friend felt bad about just cutting it down, so her dear husband dug it up, wrapped it in a tarp and drove it over to our home for me after work.  Several years ago I had laid down some old tarps and wood  down over a section of grass next to my strawberry patch in an attempt to kill the grass so I could expand the patch.  When the tree arrived, I moved one of the tarps and was able to quickly dig a hole and get it into the ground before it got dark.   So this week I have been moving more of the tarps and digging strawberry plants out of the very grass and weed infested old  patch and planting them around the new baby peach tree.   Hopefully I'll have the ambition to continue working at the job throughout the weekend, and next June we will be able to enjoy many luscious strawberries, and many delicious peaches in the years to come!

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