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Saturday, November 5, 2016

November Roses

I'm grateful for Roses in November!  It's not every year that we can still enjoy these beautiful flowers into November, but this year we have been blessed with fairly mild temperatures and an fair amount of rain.   I confess that the roses in my yard are not the most well tended, nor the most beautiful ones around, but they have brought me much joy this year.   Every weekend I have been able to go out and find enough roses to make a nice bouquet to share.  Every weekend for the past several months I think  "This will probably be the last of the roses for this year"  but then the next weekend I go out and find even more.

I've now put away the hoses for the season, and cleaned out most of the dead plants from the vegetable gardens, but the roses are still blooming!  I'm grateful for November Roses!

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