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Friday, November 4, 2016


I'm grateful for music.

I've spent quite a lot of time lately listening to music, and thinking about how much music has been a part of my life.  I like to listen to classical music in the car while I drive, and I tend to drive at least several hours each week these days to visit various family members.  We do have a very good local classical music station, and that is my preferred station most days.   I love classical music, especially strings and piano.  My dear Mother was a musician.  Of course I heard her practice and play on occasion, but most of my growing up years she was always quite busy tending us children and taking care of a busy farm household, but she listened to the radio, or her record collection, or her children practicing their own instruments while she worked.

I did take piano lessons for most of my elementary and high school years, and played the flute in the Junior HS Band,  I enjoyed participating in a musical group, and love listening to my own children perform.  I did listen to the radio and bought a few record albums as a teenager, but I never was one to build a big collection of popular music.  I would rather spend my money on books.    While in college I learned to enjoy some good ole country music too, and I've always been pretty easy going about letting others choose the music we listen to when in group settings.  I also enjoy  and gain comfort strength from Hymns and other religious music.   But when I'm alone, and traveling, I find that I prefer the classical music.  It calms my soul.  It brings me peace,

I'm grateful for music.

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