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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Letter From My Mother

Today I received a letter from my dear Mother in the mail.   This may not seem unusual to you, but my dear Mother passed away last April.   Fortunately, my dear sister had warned me that it was on its way, or I may have suffered from quite a shock when DD1 handed it to me when I arrived home this evening.   DS1 has been staying with my dear father this past week, and found the letter all addressed and ready to be mailed while she was sorting through some photo albums and scrapbooks, so she mailed to me.   It was exciting to open up the letter and find out when it was written, and what the letter said, especially since my mother had not been well for several months before she died.

There was no date, which is a bit unusual for my mother, but from the context of the letter I believe that it was written just before Christmas last December, 2014.  This means that it was the very last letter that she wrote to me before her death.   Last November I had posted about the next to last letter that she had written, which I currently have in a file here on my desk.  My dear Mother never was known for long letters, but they were brimming with her love, and I loved receiving them.  So, since I know you're all as anxious as I was to know what the letter said . . . .

Dear Marcy and family,

Thank you for the beautiful Christmas card you sent us.  

We were happy you got to go to California to visit **** and **** and baby ***.   Thank you for the pictures!

It is cloudy in  ***  today.  But we are fine with a cough or two and some sneezes.   We hope your Illnesses get better.   Have a Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Mom and Dad

So there you have it, my tender mercy for the day.   A Christmas greeting from my Angel Mother!


  1. Thank you for sharing! Xoxoxoxo

  2. So glad I forewarned you -- I would hate for you to have fainted or had a heart attack on the spot! That truly was a very sweet thank-you card. I'm sure Mom was smiling from Heaven as you read it. :-)