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Tuesday, February 4, 2014


So, it snowed again last night.  Not as much as the clip art above suggests, but enough that I wore my boots, shoveled/scraped a path to the car, and had to brush snow off of all the car windows and then scrape them before leaving for work this morning.  Luckily many people were a bit late because of the traffic and the weather, so I had a nice close parking spot and made it to my desk just right on time.   DD2 has been dealing with even more snow than we have been this year, so kudos to her for braving the winter storms and cold.  It actually has been a fairly mild winter so far here in our neck of the woods, enough so that we are being warned that it may be a fairly dry water year coming up.  So I am indeed grateful for the snow, and will try not to complain and will even hope for a nice amount of snow with the storm that is supposed to be coming later in the week.    And, I am praying for the moisture that we and people in many other parts of the nation really need. 

And now, in the spirit of praying for precipitation, you may want to check out this fascinating 1977 talk by President Spencer W Kimball back when our nation was facing a severe drought.  (This was shared on facebook the other day by one of my favorite bloggers,  Middle Aged Mormon Man.  So, go out and enjoy the snow!  or at least, keep the commandments and pray for rain and snow.

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