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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Air Compressor

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So, yesterday morning DD1 and I drove down to her regular Doctor's appointment.  It went smoothly with very little wait time, and we were right on schedule to get home in plenty of time for us to both get to work.  We walked out to the car . . . and saw that the Taurus' left front tire was completely flat.  Sigh.  Cars.  Difficult to live without them, and even difficult to live with them.  Thankfully DH had not left for work yet and was able to be our Knight in Shining armour, or at least a somewhat shining Pathfinder.  He had charged up the portable air compressor and brought it out to the parking lot where we were waiting, and within minutes had the tire pumped up, then he was off to work, somewhat late.    We drove slowly home, arranged a ride for DD1 to get to her work, and I walked to work in time for my 12:30 meeting.  

This morning we topped the air off of all of the vehicle tires, and I then drove the Taurus to have the tire repaired and rotated.  I'm grateful for the convenience of a protable air compressor, and a DH who takes the time to rescue his damsels in distress.


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