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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ford Taurus

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We have a 1995 Ford Taurus that has been in our family for quite a few years now.  My DFIL bought the car used quite a number of years ago and drove it for quite some time.  When he bought a newer car several years back, the use of the car passed along to DH, since it was bought for the family business.   Over the years the car has seen much use for the business, quite a few road trips and vacations (including a trip to the northwest for DS2's wedding) several fender benders, several new windshields, a new rear bumper and many other repairs.  Along the way it has been a faithful and safe mode of transportation when our two Nissons have been out of service various times for months at a time awaiting repairs or an extra car was needed for children to have a way to work.  Our daughters have spent many hours learning to drive in this car, and have even taken driving exams in it.

 Our Taurus is no longer as bright and shiney as the car in the photo above, but it has been a great blessing to our family.   Most recently DD3 has been driving it while she has been away at school.  It has been nice for her to have transportation, and she has traveled safely home in it many times.  Unfortunately, during the past year it has required several trips to the shop for repairs, and when it stalled and stranded her once again several months ago, DD3 finally decided that she could no longer afford the repairs.  Since then it has been sitting idle in our driveway. 

Just before Christmas a generous, annoymous benefactor let us know that they were willing to pay for the repairs.  So, after several unsuccessful attempts to get the car started during the holidays, last weekend DH arranged to have the car towed to our local repair shop.  As of this morning the 1995 Ford Taurus has been repaired, inspected, and is now once again legally registered with the state.  Hooray!  It was a very joyous outing this evening when I took it for a drive to pick up some bread, and cereal, and orange juice and shampoo.  Yes, ya gotta love the Taurus!

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  1. I'm really looking forward to buying my first car!! I didn't get my license until I was about 21 years old even living in a New England state where I could have gotten my license at 16. Because every year a teen was dying in a car crash, it made me afraid to drive myself (and especially someone else!). I moved to NYC for college and it never made sense to own a car when there is so many modes of transportation. But I will be getting a car when I move soon so I'm super excited about that! Congrats on your new car!!