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Friday, January 10, 2014

December Blessings

I seem to have taken quite the December hiatus from blogging.  I really didn't mean to.  I did have many random thoughts during the month of December, and most of them dealt with tender mercies and other blessings of the season.  Some days I would begin the draft for a post, or at least a title, but I just never got around to actually writing the posts.  December is always a very busy month, there were plenty of other things to do, lots of time with family, it was my vacation, for goodness sake, and I mostly just didn't feel like writing.  Hopefully that doesn't hurt any of my dear readers' tender feelings.  :)

Anywho, I do have a very huge list of blessings that came my way during December of 2013.  I may elaborate on some of these as I do have many thoughts on these topics, but then I may someday soon just hit the "publish" button and leave the list as is.  And then it will be done.  Or not, if I decide to come back and edit or add to in the future.  So, without further ado or adu  (now how do you spell that word?  Spell check was no help at all!)  here is the December Blessings list:

 Joseph Smith
Christmas Lights
DH Company Christmas Party
Christmas Music on Pandora
Family Party and White Elephant Gifts
Uncle's Memorial/Birthday Party
Children Safely Home for visits
Treats for co-workers
Christmas Cards and Photos and Newsletters
Snow and Snow Shovelers
Pumpkin Bread and Seven Layer Bars
Shopping Trips
Christmas Eve with the Nativity Story and Family Singing and Bethlehem supper (with white Pizza)
Santa Claus and Christmas Stockings and Chocolate
Christmas Gifts
Pizza Bread and Cheese Balls and Crackers
Cherry Chocolate Cookies
Many Treats from friends and Neighbors
Manheim Steamroller Concert
New Camera for DD4
Car repairs
Other gifts and remembrances
Visits with DM and DF
Board Games and Movies and Books
The Winter Solstice!!!!  This means longer days and shorter nights (periods of darkness without the light of the sun)

And, last but not least, one of my "most favoritest" facebook finds (borrows) and shares from December: 

found on Wishes and Dishes facebook page
"I don't want much for Christmas.  I just want the person reading this to be healthy, happy, and loved! Wishing you snowflakes, friendship, and Winter Cheer!

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