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Friday, April 12, 2013

Little Kong and Birds

The sad news of the week is that for the past few days, Little Kong, or Bird Bird, or Little Bird (all of the names for DD4's Parakeet) has had a bad leg and has not been able to grip the perch with the one bad foot.  She has still been eating and singing, and we were hopeful that she would soon mend, but yesterday morning when we uncovered her cage, we found that she had died sometime during the night.  It was a sad day.  Goodbye to our happy little birdie.  It is sad to walk by the empty cage.  We missed the chirping when we all gathered together for our nightly scriptures and prayers last night.

It has caused me to stop and think.  Birds are one of the beautiful creations that we sometimes take for granted.  When was the last time I really stopped and listened to the birds?  Or thought about how empty the world would be without bird song?  I'm grateful for birds.

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