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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ice Cream

Ice Cream is one of my favorite treats.  When I was growing up, we always seemed to have plenty of ice cream in the house.  Sunday desserts, birthdays, family reunions, and after school snacks were always good reasons to pull out the ice cream.  It doesn't have to be the expensive name brand, but if it has nuts or chocolate, or both, I'm especially enamored. 

We've been trying to be good around here, and haven't had much ice cream lately.  Last week was DH's birthday, so I did buy a couple of cartons . . . some nice vanilla bean and some chocolate brownie fudge.  That didn't last too long, and so since this weekend we are "celebrating" General Conference, last night I sent DD3 to buy us some more.  After consulting with her Dad she brought home some Butter Pecan Crunch.  After a day of listening to General Conference, it was very nice to relax with the gang and watch "Wreck It Ralph" while eating butter pecan crunch ice cream with some sliced bananas and strawberry topping!

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