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Friday, August 5, 2016

Five Minute Friday: HAPPY

I haven't been too actively blogging this busy summer season, but the first post on my blog feed this afternoon was a Five Minute Friday Challenge posted at Sand Castles and Snow Forts.

Are you interested?   Take five minutes and write your own blogging thoughts about HAPPY, and join in by posting a link to your blog on Kate's linky at this link:  Five Minute Friday Challenge: HAPPY

Here's my five minute offering on HAPPY

Am I Happy??   This was perfect timing for me.  If you had asked me to spout about Happy last night, I may have given you 30 minutes about UNHAPPY!   No, nothing is terribly wrong in my life, but I am adjusting from a season of planning for and looking forward to the wedding of DS1 to DDIL1, and all of the busyness and excitement of having all of the family gather together from both sides of the continent for the wedding day, to the present time when all have returned home..   I do love my six wonderful childrens and their spouses and my Dear Hubby, but do wish we had just a wee bit more time all together.

I am happy for green grass, and sprinklers to water it in the hot summer time, for cars that allow me to travel many places in our beautiful state and elsewhere.  I am happy for gainful employement and wonderful, pleasant and faithful co-workers.  I am happy to live in a super neighborhood with wonderful, caring friends and neighbors.  I am happy to have born into a super duper wonderful family with super duper wonderful parents.

My five minutes are over, and I've just touched the tip of the iceberg of wonderful blessings that make me happy!

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  1. Loved your post, Marcy! Thanks for sharing. I feel your pain about not seeing grown up children more often, and their families, but happy that I got to spend 10 weeks with them just recently. Thanks for the reminder of how much we have to be happy about.
    Visiting from #58 at FMF.