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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Weekend Recap

So the weekend is winding down, one of my favorite weekends of the year.  It has lived up to expectations.   It has been good.  A gentle kind of good.

Saturday was a bit hectic as all Saturdays usually are, but I did not set huge expectations for myself, so was able to enjoy what I felt impressed to do.  There was a bit of laundry to finish up and a quick trip to the store, but most of the usual Saturday chores were given a waiver this weekend.   I was able to sit in my own living room with my DH and DD1  and listen to the first session of the October 2015 Semi Annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Of course I had my yellow legal pad to take notes of what was sung and what was said, and to note in the margins the thoughts and impressions that came to me of what I need to do in the next six months.  After the morning session DD1 and I drove up to visit my Dear Dad, leaving DH  home to deal with some pressing paperwork and a headache.   We did a bit more cleaning and visiting, and watched the 2nd session of the conference with Dad, then left him to review the session once again on a different television station while we headed down the mountain to meet up with Dear Mother in Law, Sister in Law and nieces for a traditional ladies night out at Café Zupa, returning home to watch and listen to the end of the Priesthood session with DH, followed by a TV show or two. 

Today, Sunday was even more laid back.  After showering and finding some oatmeal for breakfast, I settled in on the couch for another day of inspiration.  From 9:30 am to 4:30 pm we sat and listened to inspired counsel and beautiful music, interspersed with uplifting documentary, only getting up to stretch and grab a sandwich. This just may have been the longest single time period of my entire life that I have been stationed in front of the TV,   So by 4:30 I was ready for a nice little walk around the neighborhood, enjoying the cool air and the sunshine and visiting with a few neighbors who were also out walking, riding bikes with children, or sitting on the front porch enjoying the afternoon.   It has been a lovely day. 

So, what has most impressed me from all of the wonderful messages that I have heard?   The light of Christ is available for each of us.  He loves  us and knows our divine potential.   We are all sons and daughters of God who loves us and wants us to return to him:

Of course the reassurances from Elder Holland were heartwarming too:
President Henry B Eyring's words were directed specifically to me:

 Even though I have tried to follow this counsel throughout my life, I feel that I need to do this more sincerely, especially every week during sacrament meeting and every morning and evening in my personal prayers.

And who cannot feel the love and assurance from the counsel of our beloved prophet, President Thomas S Monson:

As far as specific direct counsel that will benefit us all, who could not agree that the advice from Elder Durrant is relevant to our time and our lives:

Elder Durrant specifically challenged us to do two small things each and every week, that are promised to bless our lives:

1.  Save an amount of money every week
2. " Ponderize" a verse of scripture each week

What does it mean to "Ponderize" scripture?  According to Elder Durrant it means 80% pondering and 20% memorizing.  Select a verse of scripture and post it where you will see it several times a day every single day and ponderize and treasure up the words of Christ to your memory and share the verse with family and friends. 

So, that is what I will try to do. 
Pray to know God's will for me. 
Save an amount of money every week.  
Ponderize a verse of scripture each week.    

Were you able to listen to October General Conference this weekend?   If you were, what counsel impressed itself upon your soul?   What changes were you prompted to make in your life?  What talks and messages would you like to review and listen to again?

Watch or Listen to your favorite talks

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