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Friday, April 24, 2015

U is for Unknown

At some point, our knowledge of each family line comes to an end, and the members of the tree beyond that point are unknown.  That is the challenge of researching your family tree, to extend the known members of your family beyond the bounds now found.  Each new generation has further to search and further to go, but also more resources available to them.  My grandmothers did their research , relying on the memories of their own parents and grandparents, and reading bibles and journals, and then writing letters to distant relatives or keepers of church and civic records to ask for their help in the quest.  Today we have the blessing of the internet, where we can almost instantaneously communicate information with others, and an incomprehensible amount of information available at our fingertips.  The question is, how much of this information is accurate?  That is the challenge of searching out the unknown.

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