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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Light and Sunshine

While walking in the early morning pre-sunrise light this morning  (8:00 am in these parts at this time of the year), I was reminded of my profound gratitude for light and sunshine, and for that celestial orb that we call the Sun.  The light was reflecting pinkishly off of the snow covered mountain peaks  to the west.  It was a beautiful sight, and if I had not been in a hurry I might have taken the time to take a photo to remember it by. I was also able to take a quick ten minute stroll this afternoon during my lunch break during which I again enjoyed the sunshine provided by the star located closest to our planet earth.  Again this evening I was able to walk for a few minutes in the fading light of the late afternoon.  During this time of year, the sunlight is indeed a comfort and a solace to me, a balm to my Gilead.  It is a promise of warmer days and the coming of spring and the eternal round of the seasons.

Yes, once again I proclaim to all . . . I'm very grateful for Light and Sunshine!!

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