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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Randall

In honor of our 29th wedding anniversary, I'd like to revisit one of my favorite blog posts:
(with number 11 added)


Randall with his chocolate covered Kumquats at a recent family dinner.

11.  I love Randall because he's a creative cook!

 10. I love Randall for his enthusiasm about things he cares about---making cookies with the girl he just met at the ward dance, new babies and children (especially his own), a new KitchenAid or juicer for his wife, art and creating things, playing soccer, refereeing soccer, REAL SL Soccer,----etc.

9. Because he’s cute and good looking and makes me tingle!

8. Because he doesn’t worry too much about what others think . . . he knows his strengths (and he’s hip and cool!)

7. He’s smart, he loves to read and learn, remembers almost everything important, can figure out solutions to puzzles and problems that stymie other people.

6. He works hard and values a job well done.

5. He’s loyal and honest with family, friends, country, customers, and all he comes in contact with.

4. He is faithful to me and to his family. He provides for our needs and often goes without himself. He shares!

3. He is faithful to the Lord and he honors his Priesthood.

2. He serves his God and his fellow men.

1. Number one reason I love Randall—he is a true example of charity; he is always kind and longsuffering . . . he accepts people for who they are and finds the good in everyone.

Happy Anniversary, Randall!  I love you!!

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