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Thursday, August 20, 2009

California Anniversary

To my wonderful children:

A week ago we were "slightly" sunburned and hanging out with Russell. And now we're back at home with two of our lovely daughters who are getting ready for school to start next week, saddened that Lydia has left us once again for Logan, but excited to see Bill and Ashley again this weekend.

So thank you all so much for your contributions to our wonderful California Anniversary Trip!! It was very nice, very much fun, wonderful to see Russell and his nice house and the Beautiful UCLA campus (even though we were having so much fun we kind of stood him up quite a bit); and it was wonderful of Jonathan to let us use his lovely car. The whale watching trip was very very nice, a bit cool with the ocean breeze, but very beautiful and relaxing. We saw a multitude of frolicking dolphins, and 5 (?) whales, including a baby blue with its Momma. The sadness was that we didn't have a decent camera to take lots of wonderful pictures to share. And Disneyland was wonderful too . . . seeing and riding all of the rides and attractions I have heard about my whole life. Even though I did have to hang onto Dad for dear life with my eyes closed for a couple of them . . The other sadness was that we didn't have all of our childrens there to share it with us . . and to ride the real roller coasters with Dad since I am such a wimp. . .. though it was nice to just be together as a couple. Friday night we met up with Randall’s sister Danette and her family since they were also in the area and Russell took us to a fashionable cupcake shop in Beverely Hills, then on Saturday he fixed us a pancake breakfast and showed us around a bit before we had to fly back home. So thank you thank you thank you!!!!

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